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About Us

At Spear Excavating, we believe having the right equipment for the project is only half the equation. Many contractors can supply equipment; we supply the talent to manage your project from the initial estimating to the final completion.

Our company is committed to core principles of Honesty, Excellence, Precision and Integrity. This translates directly into the client-centered focus we place on all our projects. At Spear Excavating, we have experience with federally-funded and large commercial projects as well as small residential jobs. Regardless of the scope of the job, we are committed to the highest level of customer service and being responsive to inquires and needs, solving issues and completing work both efficiently and with the highest quality.

As a leading sitework contractor in a competitive industry, we have built a reputation of providing our customers with a “one stop” approach to their construction needs. Our services include:

Our goals are simple: Provide our clients with the strongest talent possible to guide their projects, foster an environment where our employees love their work and have pride in the company and the jobs they perform, and incorporate these two into completing projects with proven performance, reliability and quality while managing the bottom line.

It is our target to not only meet the standards and specifications of the project, but to exceed the expectations of the client.

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